Rules of conduct

Helpchat is a forum for women and girls, who are experiencing violence. is a platform from women to women. Men are explicitly locked out. Verein Autonome Österreichische Frauenhäuser with her consultants is responsible for the feeling of safety of her users and to avoid injuries, infringement of rights and (more) traumatic experiences. Women and girls have the right on having a nonviolent room.

This is why we expect a respectful and responsible communication from our users among themselves and towards the moderators / consultants.

Violence and verbal violence like insult, defamation, contempt, sexist, racist and xenophobic comments are not accepted and are not tolerated at all. Also swear words can hurt und have no space in Helpchat. Therefore we reserve the right to lock out men in principle and female users who don’t hold the rules.

Both consultants have access to all chat rooms and can follow all conversations.